Hands down, THE BEST! I came into your office, as a new patient. I was extremely impressed! 5 star rating! I knew it was God sent, the moment I walked into the office. You and your office assistant are truly amazing! Also, I love that there Air 1 was playing throughout the office! I could not have experienced a better visit! I can’t wait to go back.

Stacey Rozak

May I just say that after seeing Robert Whited, D.C., yesterday for a quick treatment, that ALL my back and neck pain is gone. I had coughed so hard that I gave myself a migraine last Friday and Sunday and apparently threw out my back. I have been miserable, not sleeping and headache for 6 days. Just saying!

Penny Kelley Baumann

Awesome. I love that family

Lisa Berry Nicholson

Awesome healing hands.

Caroly Graham

He did wonders for my back for many many years!!!

Alicia Luna Goodwin

Great Experience. Dr Whited gets me back on my feet fast. I know that he truly cares about the outcome of my visit. I feel like he is on my team!


With old injuries and current job stress I find myself unable to function with my pain. Dr Whited Always gets me back on my feet and ready take on all of the projects before me. I highly recommend him.

Great Experience by Roswell

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